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More than 250 nursing students attended a screening of a documentary about India’s missing girls. In a few short years, many of these students will be at the front lines of the issue of sex-selective abortion. They will provide prenatal care, attend births and counsel mothers. In a nation where 500,000 baby girls are aborted each year due to son-preference, the pressure on them will be tremendous. After the film screening, we asked the students, “When people come to the hospital with these concerns what will you do? What will be your response?” The whole student body shouted in response, “We will stand against it!”

In one of the top five most dangerous countries to be born a girl, these nursing students join pastors, interns, and other Indian Christians who are awakening to the call of God to stand in defense of women and girls who face oppression and violence.

We invite you to be part of this amazing God-story--building a movement to see the end of gendercide in India!

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