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The Great Exchange is asking some critical questions:

How do we have a truly transformative impact, yet remain financially sustainable?
How can we reach those who are even poorer than our current clients?

Reconciled World is partnering with them to try to answer those questions. Together, we are seeking to create a new, biblical-truth-based model that is self-sustaining through its business operations, cultivating wholistic transformation among its clients, and reaching the poorest of the poor. If we succeed in forging this new MFI model, the success will be multiplied many times over by other organizations that already want to replicate it.

We are seeking to hire, equip and train two people to be able to bring this new vision to The Great Exchange staff, empower them to implement the new vision, and put new systems in place that measure the success of the whole organisation by transformational (not just financial) indicators. The cost of this initiative is $18,000. Reconciled World is seeking to match $2 for every $1 that The Great Exchange raises.

We invite you to be part of this amazing God-story--creating a biblical-truth-based Microfinance model!


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