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John and Jennie Warden are very excited to be working with Reconciled World. Their passion for engaging in ministry that serves the poor and equips Christians with biblical truth has led them to a unique ministry position with Reconciled World. John is currently serving in a variety of capacities but focuses much of his time on helping to apply biblical truth through discipleship in a local context. John enjoys the task of engaging with Christ followers and helping them together to study and discover God’s missionary heart for the world.

John, Jennie and their family have recently served with Food for the Hungry in the country of Bolivia, where they trained local churches in various principles of biblical worldview and wholistic ministry. Their years of ministry in Bolivia combined with their heart for local and global outreach come together nicely in their present roles with Reconciled World. Currently located in Sioux Falls, SD, the Warden family is thankful for your ministry partnership! Your faithful prayers and support are a vital part of the ministry journey they are on.


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